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About Us
PattyAnn Cards is a fine art ecard site, offering animated ecards that are ad-free. Having grown tired of buying increasingly expensive traditional cards, I decided to learn how to make fine art into ecard experiences for people to enjoy and share with their friends and family. I struggled to teach myself the complexities of computer animation in my spare time making the elements of my own original paintings come to life. Bleary eyed and sleep deprived I began by studying how to make my butterflies fly and my flowers bloom and grow.


These cards are created with great care and painstaking attention to detail often taking several weeks to complete. The music, which is either composed for the cards or arranged by my composer Bee is integral in helping send positive messages and good cheer to those you care about. I hope that you will join me in my passion for creative, artistic ecards and know that with each purchase 10% of the proceeds will go directly to charity; hopefully providing a spiritual lift to all those involved and an antidote to hard times for those in need.

Joe Delaplaine is a graphic designer whose work includes local television, post-production, Flash animation and web asset design. He now does light actionscripting to add interactivity to his flash animations, visit his site at:
Bee H. is a composer who specializes in sounds. He composes original music, special effects and new compositional arrangements of old favorites including the classics. He likes to play the guitar, piano and synthesizer.

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